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Name:The Holy Empire of Britannia
Birthdate:Jun 22

✦ name ✦
The Holy Empire of Britannia
[ Eliza "Ellis" Kyneburg ]

✦ age ✦
150+ years

✦ gender ✦

✦ appearance ✦
6", blonde hair, green eyes, thin frame, boyish, no cleavage to speak of whatsoever

✦ about ✦
Britannia is one of the three powerhouses of the world in the year 2018 a.t.b. Though you could call England her brother, she feels no real attachment to him whatsoever, seeing him instead as a potential enemy due to his neutral alignment. Currently she is suffering some unrest in certain Areas of her empire due to various pockets of rebellion, most egregiously in Area 11, formerly known as Japan. Though naive at times due to her young age, she wields enough power to be a serious threat on the international scene.

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